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      Syllogos Dikaioma sti zoi
NGO name/title: Syllogos Dikaioma sti zoi
Legal form: voluntary, nongovernmental, non-profit organization certified for social care by the Greek Ministry of Work and Social Care/Directory of Providence
Starting year of activity: 2005
Brief profile: Our organization for persons with disabilities “Syllogos Dikaioma sti Zoh” founded in 2005 by parents and friends of persons with disabilities.

1. In 2008 we started the construction of our first Rehabilitation and Day Care Center for persons with disabilities “Dikaioma sti Zoh” which is a 600 s.m. building, located at Ano Kalessa, in a 8.000 s.m. area, at Heraklion in Crete.
On Monday 3 of October 2011 the Center started providing services of medical monitoring, rehabilitation and day care.
The center caters to the needs of 47 children with various disabilities (autism, mental retardation and physical disabilities). The morning schedule lasts from 8.00 until 16.00 and the afternoon schedule lasts from 16.00 until 21.00 Monday to Friday. The persons are moved from and to the Center with two special buses and always with driver and assistant driver qualified at First Aid.
Our Center employs: Administration manager (1), Scientific manager (1), Secretary (2), Neuropediatricians (2), child psychiatrist (1), develop mentalist (1), Collaborator doctors of variable expertise, social workers (2), physiotherapists (4), occupational therapists (4), speech therapists (5), psychologists (5), assistant nurses (3), support staff, economist, drivers and co-drivers (4), special education teachers (3), special education trainers (1),general stuff (3) and some volunteers.

2. We offer medical equipment to poor people with disabilities (for gratis).
3. We expose the problems that confront disabled people at Media (radio, TV, local press) and officially at National Social Services giving information and suggestions about the problems that people with disabilities are facing.
4. From 2006 until today, we organize rehabilitation programs such as therapeutic swimming for kids with various forms of disabilities.
5. We made our website, where we publish information about issues that concern people with disabilities. (www.dikaiomastizoi.gr)
6. In 2005 we started record the persons with disabilities in Heraklion city. We have made an important data base of information in order to classify and orient the needs of the disabled people of our area of interest. We frequently organize educational seminars and conferences with topics about them.
7. We have offered one of our buildings to the Municipality of Malevizi in order to house the Center of Creative Action for children with disability.
8. We are also preparing to construct six houses for permanent and supporting living and one new Center of Rehabilitation and Daily Care for persons with disabilities.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: M.Papadopoulou 4 Postal code: 71202
City: Heraklion Greek state:
Website: www.dikaiomastizoi.gr
Contact person: Simantirakis Pavlos
e-mail: info@dikaiomastizoi.gr fax: 2810824211