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NGO name/title: PYRNA
Legal form: non profit cultural organization
Starting year of activity: 2000
Brief profile: PYRNA is a non profit cultural organization located in Kifissia, near Athens, Greece.
Its goal is to offer to its members and friends the chance of lifelong learning by participating in a series of cultural activities. These include lectures οn history, philosophy, art, a wide range of workshops, guided visits to archaeological sites and museums, cultural tours within Greece and abroad.
PYRNA has been operating successfully since 2000 and continues to this day to explore new grounds. At present, the organization has more than 400 active participants.
Pyrna also offers a children’s program, which provides education and entertainment to children between the ages of three and thirteen. Our qualified instructors plan indoor and outdoor activities that encourage children’s participation, imagination, creativity and team spirit. Other endeavours include family trips within Greece aimed at stimulating children’s interest and understanding of Greek civilization and history.
Pyrna implements a social responsibility program. In 2011 it has created BOOKS ON WHEELS, a program that helps cultivate the love of reading in elementary school children. BOOKS ON WHEELS bring a small, thematic “library” into the classroom, in a case-on-wheels (to facilitate transport). This policy gives the children the chance, not just to leaf through, study, read, or listen to the books at school, but also to borrow some to take home. Thus, they can peruse and explore them, read them from cover to cover and, furthermore, map out their own personal course of discovery, as one book whets their appetite for yet another. The program has been put into practice in Athens, on pilot basis in 97 elementary schools during 2012-2013. The positive teachers’ evaluations and the enthusiastic children’s comments encourage us to extend it to other areas in Greece.
Pyrna also supports POLYPHONICA, a cross-cultural youth and children’s choir, SAMARIA, an Afghan refugees association and the Network for Children’s Rights. Pyrna’s members have created “Sharing”, a civil, non-profit society, to support those people facing serious survival problems. “Sharing” does not just supply food, but it also helps children and adults to be integrated into society by putting them in contact with social workers, doctors, etc.
PYRNA’s program is published twice annually, in January and in September. It can be found (in Greek) within our detailed brochure of events and online at www.pyrna.gr.
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Sector(s) activity:
Address: 43 Kokinara Str. Postal code: 14563
City: Kifissia Greek state:
Website: www.pyrna.gr
Contact person: Evangeliou Lestou
e-mail: pyrnanet@otenet.gr fax: 210 6232141