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      Koin.S.Ep. ESTIADES
NGO name/title: Koin.S.Ep. ESTIADES
Legal form: Non profit Social Cooperative
Starting year of activity: 2009
Brief profile: The ESTIADES is a non-profit social cooperative, created in order to keep unquenchable the sacred flame of the family, such as the Vestales did in ancient Rome.

In 2009 we created an informal network of volunteers in order to support families by providing care to the most vulnerable members of it, such as the children and elderly. By 2012, we successfully supported 62 families, by providing home care, acting more as family members rather than as social carers

By Law 4029/2011 we had the opportunity to work in a more organized basis and therefore to create the socio - partnering with distinctive title "THE ESTIADES" and registration number G00280, which operates in the field of social care, participating actively in combat poverty and enhance social justice and cohesion in Greece.

The aim of the partnership is the production and provision of social services - welfare in specific population groups such as the elderly, infants, children, people with disabilities and people with chronic diseases.

Specifically, the objectives of the Partnership specialize in the performance of the following activities:

a)Social Support Services, including evaluation and prioritization of social needs, individual social support, educate the beneficiaries about their rights and support them in their contact with the departments of insurance, health and social protection, etc.
b)Nursing Care Services as indicative measurement of vital organs, syringe therapy, wound care, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, monitoring medication compliance, medication, emergency visit to the doctor for prescriptions, etc.
c)Household Support Services including the hygiene maintenance and cleanliness of the house, caring physical appearance and personal hygiene, meal preparation, shopping and food staples, etc.

We also promote actions related to:
• The investigation, information and information infrastructures and services for accommodation, supply of material aid, health care, social assistance or support to management - municipal services.
• Implementing specific programs of health education and prevention to raise awareness and target - groups with respect to important public health problems and reduce risk factors of health.
• The empowerment and psychological support for tackling the problems, use of supportive actions of the local community in order to prevent danger - crisis and help the families who provide informal care services.
Other information: ---
Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: 67, Protopappa Str. Ano Ilioupoli Postal code: 16342
City: Athens Greek state:
Website: www.estiades.com
Contact person: DOUKA VASSILIKI
e-mail: fax: +0030 210 9915226