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NGO name/title: Moirazomai
Legal form: Non Profit Organization
Starting year of activity: 2013
Brief profile: Have you ever thought what is the greatest pleasure in your life? It must have happened to you, too; to desire to help and support someone but not know the right way. Or even sometimes, you doubt that your contribution ended up in the right destination. Moirazomai (spelled Mirazome-greek for Sharing) came to fill this gap, this piece of the puzzle!
Moirazomai was born in 2013 and is based in offering help without intermediaries, with transparency, directly to those in need. Moirazomai is a non - profit organization, which through an online platform, brings anyone who has a need, close to the one who is willing and able to cover it. In moirazomai.gr needs of charitable organizations and individuals are collected, recorded and published after approval.
Offering through Moirazomai is based not only on material assistance, but also on offering of services and volunteerism. Everyone\'s help, regardless of kind or price, is valuable! A person may share products such as drugs, food, books as well as services like medical examinations, language lessons, psychological support, and even a hug to someone in need.
When we were kids, we used to share everything without having second thoughts. Moirazomai aims to make us kids again, by giving voice to those who want to help but don\'t know how. In this way, there will always be a hug to support those in need. Exist means coexist. Ask what you need. Share whatever you may. Help completing the circle of solidarity with more smiles.
Moirazomai... means happiness!
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Sector(s) activity:
Address: 85, Vouliagmenis Avenue Postal code: 16674
City: Glyfada, Athens Greek state:
Website: www.moirazomai.gr
Contact person: Zeta Sakalaki
e-mail: welcome@moirazomai.gr fax: 211 7707714