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      Panhellenic Asoociation that Protects Informs & Helps Children with Congenital Heart Disease
NGO name/title: Panhellenic Asoociation that Protects Informs & Helps Children with Congenital Heart Disease
Starting year of activity: 1983
Brief profile: Panhellenic Association that Protects, Informs & Helps Children and Adults with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) “Child’s Heart”, is a Non- Profit- Volunteer Organization that was founded in 1983 by parents of children with Congenital Heart Diseases.
Each year in Greece, we have about 800- 1.000 newborns with heart defects. This number corresponds to 0.8-1.2% of the total annual births in our country.
The Association’s vision is a Society that will efficiently support children that suffer from Congenital Heart Diseases through scientific research, welfare and legislation.
The Association’s mission is to carry out programs through which they can achieve the moral, financial and psychological support of children with CHD and their carers, as well as to inform them and the Society.
The Association is a founding member of the European Congenital Heart Disease Organisation ECHDO and of the European Alliance for Rare Diseases Eurordis, with which organizations collaborates actively. Since its establishment in 1983, the organization has contributed to the treatment of more than 5,000 children with CHD and has assisted in creating a friendlier and more effective system for the treatment of these children. Specific actions has been taken by the organization, are listed below:
• Interventions and actions to the responsible individuals and institutions, in order to improve the health system for children with CHD
• Contribution in therapy and rehabilitation costs for children with CHD
• Coverage of transportation and accommodation costs
• Organizing counseling and psychological programs, for the support of children and their families
• Hosting of children with heart transplants in the “Heart’s Guesthouse”
• Production and distribution of printed material, with the scope to inform and educate the patients and the public
• A service for the education of families’ and patients’ rights
• Representation and advocacy services, offered to the patients and their families
• Various educational actions and campaigns
• Collaboration with other NGOs and institutions of the European Union
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Sector(s) activity:
Address: 104 Aiolou Str Postal code: 10564
City: Athens Greek state:
Website: www.kardiapaidiou.gr
Contact person: Athina Varela-Koltsidopoulou
e-mail: info@kardiapaidiou.gr fax: 2103253876