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Starting year of activity: 1991
Brief profile: Center for Life is a recognized non-governmental and non - profit organization which provides services that cover a range of needs of people, their families and their companions living with HIV/AIDS in Greece. The center has the capacity to respond to any need of the broad population with HIV/AIDS and functions thanks to the valuable and endless effort of its volunteers within a respectful framework and anonymity. All actions are based on the belief that every human being has somatic, psychological and cognitive capacities to live a whole and creative life process.
History center for life was founded in 1991 with the initiative of a company of friends-most of them Americans in nationality-Frank Olcvary was the spiritual and the main drive in founding the center. The center's initial start happened during a period which although HIV/AIDS was already known throughout the world, few Greeks were aware of it, and the carriers of HIV caused by AIDS lived in a secluded and desperate environment. Nowadays, after many and huge efforts, within a constantly changing socio-economic environment, volunteers are daily trying to change conceptions and to fully support directly or indirectly people having to deal with HIV or AIDS.
• Free social and psychological services have been provided to positive carriers of HIV/AIDS throughout Greece. Services have been provided either they are permanent residents in the country or temporary. Services cover their families as well.
• Managing special difficulties that carriers or their families face in any place they function or belong.
• Supporting and providing any kind of help (psychological, social, ethical, legal, financial, first needs material or other goods) to this group and in specific to any HIV carrier around Greece.
• Informing Greek society around HIV virus and placing emphasis on prevention and frequency as well as understanding in more depth difficulties that emerge in HIV/AIDS carriers and their families.
• Legally protecting HIV carriers' quality of life, ensuring they are dealt with respect, dignity in their personal and political life.
• Promote the idea of voluntary work of HIV carriers and recently diagnosed people from sensitive citizens. This should be done via educating, involvement and support from the center, striving at their active induction within the centers' services.
• Frequently old volunteers are all under continuous education.
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Sector(s) activity:
People with disabilities
Address: 42 IERA ODOS STR Postal code: 10435
City: ATHENS Greek state:
Website: www.kentrozois.gr
Contact person: Kostis Chatzimorakis
e-mail: fundraising@kentrozois.gr fax: 2107240425