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      Solidarity Now
NGO name/title: Solidarity Now
Legal form: Philanthropic Fund
Starting year of activity: 2013
Brief profile: SolidarityNow was established in 2013 by the philanthropic fund, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), to mitigate the damage engendered by the humanitarian crisis that Greece is currently enduring. At SolidarityNow, we believe that to emerge from this crisis, Europe must reclaim its vision of a community based on solidarity.

Our mission is multi-fold, to counter the most serious effects and urgent needs promulgated by the crisis, through the provision of relief services to members of the society most affected; as such SolidarityNow (in cooperation with the OSF) has opened two solidarity centres, one in Thessaloniki and one in Athens, inspired by founder George Soros’ original idea of solidarity houses or safehouses for those seeking refuge.

In practice, the SolidarityNow centers take the shape of an open space housing NGOs that offer specialized services free of charge -ranging from targeted medical aid to legal counselling, child and family support to job-searching support catering to everyone -regardless of legal status. We seek to extend our help as much as we can by cooperating with public, private and grass-root organisations and by creating synergies and supporting as many initiatives with the aim of enhancing benefits across Greek society.
SolidarityNow equally contributes to the capacity-building of civil society through a system of re-granting, offering financial and programmatic support to organisations and projects in the aim of maximizing their impact in times of great necessity.

Furthermore, now that SolidarityNow is embedded in the community, we will focus on the development of our advocacy front, under the guidance of our Advisory Board, covering all of SN’s priorities and values, and namely the empowerment of civil society groups and local governance, the defense of civil liberties and Fundamental Rights for all, the promotion of social cohesion, and integration of minorities and vulnerable groups such as the Roma population.
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Address: Ethn.Antistaseos & L. Kifisias 342 Postal code: 154 51
City: N. Psychiko Greek state:
Website: http://www.solidaritynow.org
Contact person: Epaminondas Farmakis
e-mail: contact@solidaritynow.org fax: