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NGO name/title: AROGOS
Legal form: Civil Non-Profit Company
Starting year of activity: 2017
Brief profile: AROGOS is a cultural organization based in Preveza, Greece. It was registered in the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports’ Portal of the Cultural organizations in September 2017. We represent the interests of professionals involved in the management of cultural heritage and seek to improve the cooperation between all affected parties.

Our objectives are:
1) Promotion of cultural heritage and spiritual wealth in Greece;
2) Increasing the access to knowledge and education;
3) Development of alternative tourism;

Our mission is to familiarize the public with the history and value of the cultural heritage. Through projects and events we want to revive, promote and offer an interpretation of the local cultural heritage. Moreover, our innovative programs will create a sustainable economic and cultural environment for the benefit of the surrounding local population and society in general.

The purpose of AROGOS is to link research and innovation through the implementation of programs and cultural events at local, national and international level. Our goal is to achieve economic and cultural sustainability in undeveloped areas. In addition, we aim to become a dynamic mechanism for the upgrading and sustainable development of the Local Authorities, through our cooperation with the civil society and by implementing innovative ideas for problem solving in modern cities. Another goal is to monitor, research and evaluate political and public questions, events and concepts related to culture and cultural products.

Our vision is to explore the history of our past in order to influence economically and culturally the sustainability of today’s and tomorrow’s Greece. We look forward to long-term cultural and economic sustainability in low-growth areas through the promotion of cultural heritage to attract tourists and interested stakeholders to invest in the area.
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Sector(s) activity:
Address: Markou Mpotsari 62 Postal code: 48100
City: Preveza Greek state:
Website: www.arogos.org
Contact person: Lamprakoulis Georgios
e-mail: info@arogos.org fax: