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Beyond Good and Evil: Toward a Solution of the Conflict between Corporate Profits and Human Rights
William Bradford
Beyond Philanthropy: Community Enterprise as a Basis for Corporate Citizenship
Paul Tracey,Nelson Phillips,Helen Haugh
Bhopal Gas Disaster and Dow Chemical: Need for CSR
Sandipa Lahiri Anand
Bounded Goodness: Marketing Implications of Drucker on Corporate Responsibility
N. Craig SMITH
Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility - A New Perspective
Prof. K.V. Bhanu Murthy
Business Reputation and Labor Efficiency, Productivity and Cost
Marty Stuebs,Li Sun
Buying Social – a guide to social issues relating to public procurement

Case studies of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in forest products companies – and customer’s perspectives
Danang Ari Raditya
Changing Paradigms in Management
Rashmi Malapur
Cleaning a Passive Index How to Use Portfolio Optimization to Satisfy CSR Constraints
Moshe Milevsky, Andrew Aziz, Al Goss, Jane Thomson and David Wheeler
Communicating Environmental Sustainability in Malaysia: A Case Study
Lee, Cheng Ean and Chuan, Teck Leong
Communication of CSR in Sustainability Reports in Hungarian Companies
Judit Gáspár, Kinga Magyar, Júlia Schneider
Community Isomorphism and Corporate Social Action
Christopher Marquis,Mary Ann Glynn,Gerald F. Davis
Company’s financial performance & CSR: Pakistan context
Sarah Wali Qazi, Monir Ahmed, Shumaila Kashif, Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi
Competitive Business & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Friend or Foe?
Miriam Ekirapa Musaali
Competitive Markets, Corporate Firms, and New Governance - An Ordonomic Conceptualization
Ingo Pies, Markus Beckmann and Stefan Hielscher
Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility
Laszlo Zsolnai
Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: The CSR Halo Effect
Contextualising Corporate Social Responsibility in Singapore
Melissa Ong
Contractarianism and Personalisms in a dialogue on the ethical foundation of CSR - comment on Helen Alford’s "Stakeholder theory"
Lorenzo Sacconi
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