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Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Window Dressing or Structural Change?
Li-Wen Lin
Corporate Social Responsibility in Context: The Case for Compulsory Sustainability Disclosure for Listed Public Companies in Australia?
Juliette Overland
Corporate Social Responsibility in Danish Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A mixture of institutional, ethical and economic motives.
Catherine Caluba Hemmert Lund
Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education Institutions: Istanbul Bilgi University Case
Gresi Sanje Dahan, PhD & Isil Senol, PhD
Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America: An Overview of Its Characteristics and Effects on Local Communities
Roberto Gutiérrez and Audra Jones
Corporate Social Responsibility in Spain: An Overview
Domènec Melé
Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains of Global Brands: A Boundaryless Responsibility? Clarifications, exceptions and implications
Kenneth Amaeshi, Onyeka Kingsley Osuji, Paul Nnodim
Corporate Social Responsibility in Western Europe: An Institutional Mirror or Substitute?
Androniki Apostolakou, Professor Gregory Jackson
Corporate Social Responsibility of a Corporation Under International Law: A Critical Study

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Longitudinal Study of Listed Banking Companies in Bangladesh
Sumon Das, Rob Dixon and Amir Michael
Corporate Social Responsibility Reputation (CSRR) Do Companies Comply with their Raised CSR Expectations?
Aloy Soppe, Jurjen Soppe,Marc Schauten
Corporate Social Responsibility, Firm Value and Financial Performance in Brazil
Vicente Lima Crisóstomo, Fátima de Souza Freire, Felipe Cortes de Vasconcellos
Corporate Social Responsibility, Good Corporate Governance and the Intellectual Property: An External Strategy of the Management to Increase the Company's Value
Wuryan Andayani, Sari Atmini, Dede Sadewo, James Kamau MWangi
Corporate Social Responsibility, Stocks Prices and Tax Policy
Amir Barnea, Robert Heinkel and Alan Kraus
Corporate Social Responsibility. Through an Economic Lens
Forest L. Reinhardt, Robert N. Stavins, Richard H. K. Vietor
Corporate Social Responsibility: A Legal Analysis
Michael Kerr, Richard Janda & Chip Pitts
Corporate Social Responsibility: A Process Model of Sensemaking
Kunal Basu & Guido Palazzo
Academy of Management Journal
Corporate social responsibility: an overview of principles and practices
Jill Murray
Corporate Social Responsibility: Attributions, Loyalty, and the Mediating Role of Trust

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