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"Minding Our Business" What the US has done and Can Do to Ensure that Its Multinationals Act Responsibly in Foreign Markets
Susan Ariel Aaronson
A Review of How Other Countries Provide Information and Advice to the Vulnerable on Consumer and Social Issues
Starbucks with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “How Starbucks succeeds in a business world with CSR”
Thesis Advisor:Bo Enquist, Authors:Sornchai Harnrungchalotorn and Yaowalak Phayonlerd
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: A Theoretical Perspective
Thomas P. Lyon, John W. Maxwell
Corporate Social Responsibility and Profits: A Tradeoff or a Balance?
Thuy Tran, Advisor: Stephen Krasner
The Other CSR: Consumer Social Responsibility
Timothy M. Devinney, Pat Auger, Giana Eckhardt and Thomas Birtchnell
Wash Corporate Heads!Business Practice can be Changed via the Dispositions of Executives – Re-socialization towards Implicit Eco-sustainability
Timur Hrotko
The legal framework for human rights and the environment
University of Edinburgh
The Effect of CSR on Stock Performance: New Evidence for the USA and Europe
Urs von Arx and Andreas Ziegler
Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility
Vanessa Cuerel Burbano
When CSR Worlds integrate - Shifting the paradigm to achieve private sector growth building African internal markets
Veronica Broomes PhD
Corporate Social Responsibility, Firm Value and Financial Performance in Brazil
Vicente Lima Crisóstomo, Fátima de Souza Freire, Felipe Cortes de Vasconcellos
Corporate Social Intrapreneurs
Von Zukunfts- gründern and Helden- geschichten
Do Investors Value a Firm’s Commitment to Social Activities? The Moderating Role of Intangibles and the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Waymond Rodgers, Hiu Lam Choy, Andrés Guiral
Beyond Good and Evil: Toward a Solution of the Conflict between Corporate Profits and Human Rights
William Bradford
Corporate Social Responsibility, Good Corporate Governance and the Intellectual Property: An External Strategy of the Management to Increase the Company's Value
Wuryan Andayani, Sari Atmini, Dede Sadewo, James Kamau MWangi
Preventing Corporate Corruption: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility
Yi-Hui Ho, Chieh-Yu Lin
Corporate Social Responsibility in a Corporate Governance Framework
Yohanes E. Riyanto, Linda A. Toolsema
Using Case Study Research Method to Emergent Relations of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Z. Mahmood and Z. Riaz
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