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The New Triad.Power Key Players in the Promise of Global CSR
Jeffrey Henderson
The Other CSR: Consumer Social Responsibility
Timothy M. Devinney, Pat Auger, Giana Eckhardt and Thomas Birtchnell
The politics of corporate social responsibility: Reflections on the United Nations Human Rights Norms for Corporations
David Kinley, Justine Nolan and Natalie Zerial
The relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in the banking sector
Maria-Gaia Soana
The relationship between individuals’ recognition of human rights and responses to socially responsible companies: Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria
Petya Puncheva-Michelotti, Marco Michelotti, Peter Gahan
The Responsibility Paradox: Multinational Firms and Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Gerald F. Davis, Marina v.N. Whitman and Mayer N. Zald
The role of CSR and CSR Communication in Finnish Natural Stone Industry
Maria Palin
The Role of Social Responsibility in Turkey's EU Accession
Bryane Michael and Erika Öhlund
The Role of the TNC in the Process of Legalization: Insights from Economics and CSR
Andreas Georg Scherer and Dorothée Baumann
Professor Céline Louche
The State of Play in Sustainability Reporting in the European Union

The Supply of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures Among U.S. Firms
Lori Holder-Webb, Jeffrey Cohen, Leda Nath and David Wood
The sustainable enterprise. The multi-fiduciary perspective to the EU Sustainability Strategy.
Giuseppe Danese
The Tsunami's CSR Effect: MNEs and Philanthropic Responses to the Disaster
Gail Whiteman, Alan Muller, Judith van der Voort, Jeroen van Wijk, Lucas Meijs and Cynthia Piqué
The Why, When, and How of Corporate Social Responsibility
Juan Luis Martinez and Ana Agüero
Theorising the CSR-Identity Construct
B. Olutayo Otubanjo, Kenneth Amaeshi, T.C. Melewar and Nelarine Cornelius
Theorising the Interconnectivity between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Identity
Otubanjo, B. Olutayo, Amaeshi, K.M. and Olufemi, M.O.
Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility
Vanessa Cuerel Burbano
Three Lenses on the Multinational Enterprise: Politics, Corruption and Corporate Social Responsibility
Professor Peter Rodriguez, Professor Donald S. Siegel, Professor Amy Hillman and Professor Lorraine Eden
Tips and Tricks for Advisors – Corporate Social Responsibility for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Jutta Knopf, Barbara Mayer-Scholl
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